Luke Elder: Faith, Family & Football

This 6’5 offensive lineman has a story that most people don’t have in a lifetime. Growing up in Lagrange, he’s loved the game of football since he was a kid.
Working hard every day to make it to the next level. And finally that call came in for Luke Elder his junior year.

“And i was like dang that’s awesome. And I remember calling my dad and we had this crazy moment where like you’re going to play college football,” says Luke.

After committing to play for North carolina, Luke Elder’s story took a turn south. He didn’t play one game his senior year after tearing his ACL. And after he was cleared, he found a lump on his leg.

“It turned out to be cancerous. It was like wow, we got another thing; another crazy obstacle. That was never one you actually expect because you hate to hear the word cancer, says Luke.

And as you can tell by his demeanor, Luke’s tackled every obstacle and has remained focused through it all. After 5 weeks of radiation, Luke was cancer free. And faith played a big part with the Elder family. His parents, Christy and Jared were his rocks.

“He just has a faith that he’s going to be okay. and even if something were to happen tomorrow. i think that he would still have the faith that it was just part of the plan,” says Jared.

Luke says there were many moments that uplifted him and gave him that strength.
Friends made him “Luke Strong” bracelets and his mom did something that forever impacted him.

“She made a journal of the god moments and things that she had seen and just every step of the way you just saw him there. She went through and wrote all of these victory banners. And the biggest one was… She writes on 4/19. “Got the pathology report back, it was clear”….. That was the night that i was cancer free,” he says.

Sometimes life sends you curve balls. But the Elder’s were able to overcome these hurdles with one simple mantra: family, faith, and football.

“I knew he had a plan. And I have no idea what it is. And I just had to trust in him. Because it’d be impossible to try and do it on my own,” he says.

Luke has been cancer free for about 2 months now and is looking forward to heading to Chapel Hill in a couple of weeks for football camp.

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