Family remembers shooting victim on eve of his birthday

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The family of a young man murdered earlier this month is speaking out on the eve of his birthday.  23-year-old Richard Collier was shot and killed on Hodges Drive on May 14th.

Dawn Boyd, Richard’s mother, and her family are trying to pick up the pieces after losing Richard.

“When this took place on May 14th, there is a hole that hurts that can’t be filled, ever,” Boyd said.

Boyd says she has gotten a huge amount of support from the community.

“It’s going to be not okay at the moment, but you’re going to make it day by day that made me see that that was the one thing that was lacking from that person that pulled the trigger.  He did not value life,” Boyd explained.

Richard’s sister, Lauryn Collier, says she misses having her brother to lean on.

“What I’m going to miss is to have somebody to, you know, a protector.  You know, Richard was the oldest,” Collier said.

Boyd says her family has been surrounded by love over these past few weeks.

“It has been a beautiful yet gut wrenching experience all the way around that we are still going through,” she said.

Columbus Police named 23-year-old Drevon Quantez Johnson as a suspect and say he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Richard Collier would have turned 24-years-old on June first.


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