Another pro-life clinic opens up in the Valley

A story you will see only on News 3:

Columbus, GA.- For years Columbus had just one local clinic that performs abortions and one clinic that tries to prevent them. It seems about average for a community our size, but now the landscape is changing. Within the last couple of weeks “Seneca, Choices for Life” just opened their doors. They say they exist to offer support for women who have unplanned pregnancies. However, the place they set up shop is literally next door to the abortion clinic in town. A small alley is all that separates the two businesses with polar opposite missions.

No matter what side you sit on with this “sticky topic” the chosen spot seems a little controversial to many. However, Kelly Tolman, who works with Seneca says it’s not what it seems. She tells News 3 they are merely trying to love women on the front lines.

“I think a lot of people think Seneca has moved in beside the abortion facility to be inflammatory which is completely opposite of the purpose of us being here. The purpose of us being here is to just love on these girls and we are here when they go in and just letting them know that there are resources and if they choose to have their abortion and then they come back out we offer post abortive counseling as well,” says Tolman.

Tolman says she hasn’t always been so pro-life. In fact when she found herself young and pregnant she almost had an abortion three different times at three different clinics. In the end she says she chose life. Her son Nicholas is now 13-years-old and they have a total of four kids today. Tolman says about 30 abortions happen every week in Columbus. She relates it to killing a kindergarten class every week. She says this amount of abortions is what inspired them to open this pro-life clinic. Tolman says you can’t have too many.

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