Sumter County Chamber makes long term growth goals

AMERICUS, Ga- The Sumter County Chamber of Commerce wants to promote unprecedented growth in Americus and the surrounding areas– and is committed to do it with a new initiative that launched this week.

The goal of the Chamber’s “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” campaign is to draw in 100 new members to the Chamber between now and June 23.  Chamber officials point out that being a part of the organization offers local businesses growth opportunities through instructional resources training in areas such as traditional and social media marketing.

In addition, the Chamber has also reorganized itself into six categories to help it focus on promoting economic growth.  Those new areas of organization include: membership, business development, governmental affairs, leadership, special events, and  education.

The Chamber reports that, so far, job growth has been steady for the Americus area and that the region’s population is growing.

“We have people and we have job opportunities for people to have consistency within their personal lives and their families and such.  So they have places to work and things to do. You are seeing the whole piece come together,” Barbara Grogan, Executive Director of the Sumter Chamber of Commerce and Payroll Development Authority, told News 3. “Each part is needed. You need jobs, and you need programs and activities for your children. You need all of those parts.  In this community, we offer all of them, we think, to make a family really want to be here.”

Downtown shops and restaurants in Americus have started First Friday celebrations each month.  On those evenings, retail and food vendors stay open late. The festive atmosphere gives visitors a chance to learn more about the downtown area.   The next First Friday event, on June 3, will feature a nautical bed race and parade.

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