Running to remember fallen heroes

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Memorial Day weekend is here and one organization is preparing for a run Saturday morning to honor fallen heroes.  Wear blue is a non-profit organization that honors the sacrifice of those who served our country.

Local runners will be meeting at the National Infantry Museum for a run Saturday morning. They will begin with a Circle of Remembrance where they will call out the names of fallen soldiers.

Janet Crane lost her son, 22-year-old SPC Jason Edens, in 2012 after he was shot in Afghanistan and later died from his injuries.

“Everyday is Memorial day for us.  Of course certain days trigger more memories than others,” she said.

Crane is running four miles with wear blue Saturday morning since her son passed away four years ago.

“It’s one of those experiences that you really don’t feel until a few years later.  You kind of live in this fog for two or three years.  Fourth year, which we’re hitting, is when things kind of start to, you know, become real.  Up until then I think your mind kind of protects you,” Crane explained.

Wear blue was formed several years ago.

“Spouses in the Fort Lewis area had just gotten through a horrific deployment losing their spouses and as a coping mechanism they ran,” said Michael Pixley with Wear blue.

Leann Beauchamp was on that deployment.

“For me, this is more like home.  I was on that deployment that this started.  I knew the spouses.  I knew many of the guys that were fallen,” she said.

She says that was a rough experience.

“It’s hard to lose that many.  It’s probably one of the most losses in any unit while deployed,” Beauchamp explained.

Crane misses her son’s smile and laugh.

“He was my only son so, there won’t be any grandkids.  There won’t be anyone to kind of carry on for me and you miss them on holidays.  You know you miss them in the summer when you don’t get to see them so, it’s a lot of things you miss about them,” she said.

Crane has one request this weekend:

“Enjoy your time with your families.  Love your loved ones.  Spend time with them.  Just take a moment to remember those who have served and who have passed and just say a prayer for their families for comfort and for peace this weekend,” she said.

For anyone interested in joining, runners are meeting in the National Infantry Museum’s parking lot at 8 a.m. Saturday morning.



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