Georgia State Parks celebrate their 85th and you can benefit too

LUMPKIN, Ga. – Most area students and teachers are out for summer break, but summer vacations can get pricey.

News 3 is on your side with a way you can “get away” without letting all of your money get away too.

One way to save the green stuff is by getting out to enjoy our state parks. This is the year to visit as many as you can because the more than 60 parks are all offering special events and perks to commemorate the 85th birthday of the state park system.

News 3 went to check out Providence Canyon. It is a man made mistake that’s morphed into a magnificent gem. The canyons are the result of poor farming practices from farmers back in the 1800’s. However, today it is used as a teaching tool for proper farming practices. It’s also a geologist’s dream. The deep canyons reveal several layers of the earth through different time periods.

As for the perks being offered through the rest of 2016…one of the part time naturalists at Providence Canyon, Julie Shutters, fills us in on that, “Each park is doing something unique something totally special to that park we are also having them do gems which is what they feel are the most specialist or unknown thing about the park.”

For the special birthday offerings and events CLICK HERE and it will connect to all of the parks and historic sites.

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