Animal Ark Rescue sees intake increase

COLUMBUS, Ga. – As summer approaches, animal shelters across the country can often times reach maximum capacity. This year, more than 700 animals have been taken in by the Animal Arc Rescue.

Patricia Hiller is adopting a kitten and helping reduce the number of animals in the shelter.

“It makes me feel sad. I wish a lot more people would come out and adopt cats. I came in here yesterday and I was overwhelmed by the number of little kittens that I saw,” said Hiller.

Kitten season started at the end of March and will last until the end of October. Cats can have three to four litters during the summer, so it’s important to spay and neuter your cats to help lower the number of kittens being born.

If adopting a kitten or cat is not an option for you, there is still something you can do.The foster program gives people the opportunity to temporarily house pets until permanent homes can be found.

If you can adopt a pet, Animal Ark Rescue’s owner Sabine Stull says you can save money and contribute to something even better.

“Also by adopting you are saving a life. When you adopt an animal that is fully vetted, spayed, neutered and micro chipped, and with all these things already done you save money, It usually costs 300 to 400 dollars with a veterinarian,” said Stull.

One of Animal Arc’s missions is to lower the animal euthanasia rate.

“We are getting there and it’s a combined effort with other rescues, but right now the euthanasia rate is down to about five or six percent,” said Stull.



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