Special lady devoted to working for Columbus voters

COLUMBUS, Ga – Your trip to the polls will hopefully go smoothly and quickly.  But have you ever thought about all the preparation that goes into getting ready for the big day? Meet one special lady who works hard to get things prepared for you to vote.

“It’s important for me to do this because I feel like it is part of my responsibility to do my civic duties to this city,” says Ms. Edith Spencer.

Edith Spencer is here early . . . so early, in fact, she was here yesterday to be ready for you today.

“I think it’s the voter’s responsibility to come and cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice,” she tells News 3.

A place for everything . . . and everything in its place. For Ms. Spencer, it’s nothing for her to lug around one of these 50 pound machines.  But you just don’t put them anywhere. They are number-coded and must be placed strategically, each machine can be tracked. As poll manager, Ms. Spencer is serious about her job.

Ms. Spencer says, “I take pride in it, and I want to do it right. So, I come before they get here, the other poll workers get here, so that I make sure that everything is set  up by the standards of the election board.”

When she retired after 34 years of working at AFLAC, this 70 year young woman decided to give back to her community by working for the elections board.  It’s a labor of love for Ms. Spencer who also takes classes to stay current on state election codes for poll workers.

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