Shooting Olympians preparing for summer games

FORT BENNING, Ga – The 2016 Olympics this summer are being held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and they are around the corner. Sgt.1st Class Josh Richmond and Sgt.1st Class Glenn Eller with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit are literally counting down the days to the summer games.

They are both in the middle of intense training as they prepare to represent not only America, but the Army too as double trap competitors. Double trap is where they use shotguns to break soft clay disks. All of this happens after a machine spits them out at about 59 miles per hour. When it comes to double trap these soldiers tell News 3 that no one has ever had a perfect score recorded in the history of the sport.

Both Eller and Richmond are living out a dream they’ve had since they were teenagers. This isn’t their first Olympic rodeo either and it’s exactly why they think they have a chance.

“I’m literally looking forward to going back and now knowing what to expect more and really focus on my competition and climb on top of the podium,” says Richmond

“I was good all the way up until I walked the door to go to the event..that’s when the pressure hit and this one knowing what I know now…I know how to train better,” says Eller.

These pros say on average they will practice about six hours a day. Just to give you an idea of how much that is the average person, who shoots for a hobby,  would typically shoot between 70 to 80 rounds in a day. However, in one day these guys will each go through about 450 bullets.

Remember though these shooters are still in the Army so they both deploy from time to time. The last time they deployed was back in 2012 right before the London Olympics.

Their shot at gold in Brazil is August 10th.

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