Voice of the cougars

COLUMBUS, Ga. – We’re going to turn the spotlight on a familiar voice who’s been a household name to Columbus State University sports fans for four decades.

That’s how long Scott Miller’s been calling play-by-play for their baseball team. It’s been like living a dream of fields, ball fields.

They’re sounds that you’ll hear at every Columbus University baseball game. The ping of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the pop of the catcher’s mitt, and the voice of the cougars. “Hi again everyone. Scott Miller high above Burger King Stadium
and Ragsdale Field…”

Scott Miller has been painting a word picture of cougar baseball games since 1977.

“Before the ’77 season began, I had been in town for less than a year. So I called up Coach Ragsdale and said, hey, I’m interested in broadcasting the games. I know you don’t have anybody that’s doing it. And he said, sure, you got it.  So it was easy as that,” said Miller.

Scott was young enough to be mistaken for a player when he first started.

“I was 22 years old and I was just a little older than the players then. And now I’m a little older than the players’ grandparents,” said Miller.

Scott says his broadcasting style is a blend of his favorites.

“When I grew up there were three announcers, radio guys, that I was listening to all the time. One was Larry Munson doing Georgia football. Another was Milo Hamilton doing Braves baseball. And the other was Skip Carey doing Hawks basketball,” said Miller. “I never set out to imitate any of those. You know, you grow up listening to somebody and it sorta sinks into you a little bit. And before you know it, you’ve got a little bit of all of them I think.”

When asked about his favorite play-by-play call, he didn’t hesitate. It was the Division II World Series Championship Game in 2012.

“Cal State Chico…the guy at the plate represented the potential winning run,” said Miller. “The 1-2 pitch. Fly ball…Centerfield. John Sewell’s got it. Cougars win! Cougars win! The Cougars win! The Cougars are the National Champions!”

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