Opelika Power Service partners with Opelika High School for Fiber Certification

OPELIKA, Ala.- Opelika Power Service is sponsoring fiber certification at Opelika High School.

Opelika High School has an infopsormation technology program, and the fiber certification will be a part of that. This joins copper certification, which was installed at the school last year.

Students will learn how to splice, terminate and do many other things with the cables. Opelika Power Service says the curriculum matches what they teach their technicians and OPS will help the district pay for the equipment. Students who pass the class will be certified through C-Tech, a national group.

equipmentThe school district says they are proud to prepare students for not only colleges, but careers as well. “The big goal is to get kids exposed to some things that they might not commonly get with some of their extra-curricular or elective classes,” Career Technical Director Kyle Pinckard said. “And to get them that exposure to what I can do, say if I don’t want to go to college, I can have this skill and go out into the workforce and be a valuable member of the community.”


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