May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

COLUMBUS, Ga – Motorcycle riders can be particularly vulnerable when they take to the highway. This month marks a special nationwide campaign to raise awareness for rider safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declared May Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

As the weather warms, expect to hear the roar of more motorcycles and see more riders hitting the road.  Valley area motorcyclists are revving their engines and being sure they are road-ready.

News 3 talked to one veteran rider, Marty Davis, who has ridden motorcycles for 40 years.  He tells us many things he sees on the highways concern him, including distracted drivers. However, one of his biggest concerns is the tendency of some automobile drivers to cutoff motorcycles– some knowingly, Davis says

Davis knows from recent, tragic experience the consequences can be deadly.

“A friend of mine in Warner Robins just got run over and passed away ten days ago for that reason.  A car saw her, and he pulled over on her any way,” Davis told News 3.   “Just be more aware of your surroundings.  It’s not just the motorcycle that you’re affecting. It’s that person and their families and the ones that they love.”

Davis says he would like to remind his fellow riders to check their tire pressure and to wear brightly-colored clothing. He adds he believes in taking an “offensive/defensive” stance as a motorcyclist– assuming no one sees him on his motorcycle.  That way, Davis adds, he can take a proactive approach to safety.


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