Democratic votes far outweigh Republican votes in early voting period

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Voters all around Muscogee County are gearing up for election day Tuesday, May 24. The Elections Board expects to see plenty of people cast their ballots. But the director of the board Nancy Boren says early voter turnout was lower than expected.

She tells News 3 last Friday saw a surge in early votes because it ended the early voting period. Democrats actually outnumbered Republicans in early voting 3:1, or by about 2,000 votes. Boren believes the disparity in party votes comes down to simply more race being decided on the Democratic side of the ledger.

“I think we’ve seen a higher turnout in the Democratic races because there are more races to be voted on in the Democratic primary,’ Boren said. “There are not a lot of Republican candidates on the Republican ballot.”

Boren adds that local races are drawing a lot of people to the polls this election cycle. Turnout is predicted to boom come November, because it is an election year. Boren emphasizes this election cycle for its unpredictability. Several Muscogee County sheriff’s candidates were disqualified, but then two others were reinstated. Former 2nd Congressional District candidate Bobby Scott suddenly died. Also, James Knox, a U.S. Senate candidate, withdrew without warning.


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