Buckle up for Memorial Day travel

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Memorial Day is a week from today. For many Georgians, it means travel plans and celebrating the unofficial start to summer.

Area law enforcement officials want to remind you to be sure your seat belts are buckled before you take off for your holiday destinations.

Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr says his department will join hundreds of others across the state of Georgia in the Click It or Ticket campaign.  However, he says that motorists should keep in mind, beyond just a safety awareness imitative, using seat belts makes sense statistically. People who wear them, Darr says, are more likely to survive car crashes.

Additionally, Darr addresses the belief that many drivers have regarding traffic enforcement– that it’s all about making money for law enforcement agencies through ticket quotas.

“I think people always have the misconception that there is a quota,” Darr told News 3.  “No, there is no quota by any law enforcement office that I know of.  What you have is that there is a sobering reality. If you are out there in a patrol car, you are going to see people breaking the law when it comes to traffic. It is your job [as an officer] to bring attention or address those, whatever it is”.

Georgia law enforcement officers say they are committed to making this Memorial Day travel period a safe one for drivers. So far, 2016 has seen a rise in highway fatalities on Georgia’s roadways, compared to the past several years at this time.

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