AcroYoga in Columbus

It might look a little funny at first…But Acroyoga is becoming the next go to for a combination of yoga, dance and acrobatics.

Brian Coones is the only certified Acroyoga teacher in the region and says it’s changed his life.

“Rather than being alone and doing a practice, you’re doing practice with other people. So it’s community based. its family based.  Acroyoga works on things like communication and building trust,” he says.

Communication and trust are key. Lifting and flipping people around isn’t an easy task, especially with total strangers.

While Acroyoga is a great community practice. There’s a lot more to it than exercising. it’s teaching people to trust again.

“Yoga is something that helped me deal with all of the stuff from the military and the post-traumatic stress,” he says.

Coones says it’s impacted his life so much that he’s merged a yoga therapy program with the military right here in Columbus.

“I will be there full time working to get this program established. and working one on one with soldiers, doing yoga practices and healing arts practices with soldiers and veterans that have injuries of all types and that have post -traumatic stress,” he says.

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