Veteran volunteers on Armed Forces Day

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A big thanks goes out to all the men and women who served and are currently serving our country on Armed Forces Day.  The House of Heroes is honoring 23 veterans by repairing their homes.

Andy Moye is retired from the U.S. Navy.

“I was a Vietnam Era veteran and when we came back we were not all that popular and so I think we need to recognize that veterans today deserve a better treatment than we got coming back,” Moye said.

Moye is volunteering his time while working alongside Kathy Tessin to make minor repairs to a veteran’s home.

“We have a lot of veterans that have retired here and have served their country well and we owe them a debt of gratitude and so as we start getting into memorial weekend this is a way for a mission project for our church in a way of saying thanks to a veteran family,” Tessin said.

A group of about 12 volunteers worked on the kitchen and outside of the house.  They will come back to finish working in the back of the house.

“Knowing that we’re giving back to an important part of our community and again that spiritual discipline of gratitude that we get to demonstrate by doing this and it’s a chance for fellowship,” Tessin explained.

Between Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day just around the corner, Moye says it’s important to remember the sacrifices service men and women make.

“For veterans it’s a big sacrifice.  People go away for a year and leave their family and their children.  They come back and that’s the huge sacrifice let alone what happens when you get hurt or killed,” Moye said.

This is the Chattahoochee Valley’s Second Annual Redeeming the Block where the House of Heroes and volunteers complete 23 homes.  This is sponsored by Headquarter Nissan.

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