Students share history through real-life wax museum

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Every public school teaches American history, but Westminister Christian School is digging deeper into historical figures that helped shape our country.

The school hosted a “wax museum”– a chance for 3rd graders to study American figures and share their importance.

Baseball player Jackie Robinson was just one legend represented, and Tre’shaun Rucker was excited to share his story. “He broke a lot of color barriers and inspired African Americans to play baseball,” he says.

But he wasn’t the only wax figure there that broke barriers. Students also learned how astronaut Sally Ride shaped America. “Back then, the women couldn’t do all the things that the men could do. When she was the first woman in space, she really inspired other girls to be able to do the same as her,” says student Abigail McGinnis.

It’s inspiration that’s shaping their futures.

3rd grader Clara Breugem says, “If we learn about them we can get inspired by them to do what they did to help save the world.”



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