One of 200+ ‘Chibok girls’ snatched by Boko Haram found, pregnant

(CBS News)

LAGOS, Nigeria — Family members, activists and the Nigerian army say Wednesday that one of the hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped from their village by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram in 2014 had been found alive.

Tsambido Hosea Abana, a community leader from the Chibok village, confirms to CBS News that one of the girls, Amina Ali Darsha Nkeki, had been found in the Kulakaisa area on the edge of the Sambisa Forest.

Abana says a Chibok vigilante group on patrol Tuesday found Nkeki with a baby. Nkeki told them the other girls were still in the forest, which is a known hideout for the Boko Haram extremists.

Her uncle tells the Associated Press that Amina was found pregnant and traumatized, but otherwise fine.

Yakubu Nkeki says his niece was found wandering in the forest. He says the 19-year-old — who was 17 when she was abducted — was brought to Chibok Tuesday night for her identity to be verified and reunited with her mother. Her father died while she was held captive, he says.

The Nigerian army released a statement, confirming that one of the Chibok girls had been found alive, but identifying her as Falmata Mbalala. The discrepancy in the girl’s identity could not immediately be clarified.

Either way, she is the first of the girls to be found alive since the abduction on April 14, 2014 of 276 girls and young women from a boarding school in Chibok. Dozens managed to escape within hours, but 219 remained held by Boko Haram.

The mass-abduction prompted an international outcry against Boko Haram, which has since pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), sparking an outpouring of support on social media under the Twitter hashtag #BringBackOurGirls.

Many of the girls have likely been forced into sexual slavery by Boko Haram militants, sold as slaves, or brainwashed into becoming footsoldiers or suicide bombers for the group.

Early this year, video was broadcast giving the first indication that at least some of the girls were still alive.

CNN showed the video, believed to have been made in December, of girls wearing the Islamic hijab covering and of one mother reaching out to a computer screen as she recognized her daughter.

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