Georgia State Patrol: Texts can wait!

COLUMBUS, Ga. —  The Georgia State Patrol wants drivers to put down their phones when they take to the roadways.

Under normal circumstances, the average driver takes one to three seconds to respond to a change in road conditions. Combine that with the distraction of reading or typing a text message, and the consequences can be deadly.

“Anything that distracts you from being able to   observe what is going on around you while you are driving which is your primary job as a driver increases the likelihood that you’ll be involved in an accident.    It only takes a split second for you to look down at your cell phone, drift across the center line into oncoming traffic, and anything can happen at that point,” says Trooper First Class Klayten Asay.

Remember, Georgia’s Click It or Ticket It campaign has already started in anticipation of the Memorial Day holiday. In addition to seatbelt use, officers on the highway are also looking for distracted drivers.



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