Former Harris Co. Sheriff’s Deputy charged with sexual assault appears in court

38-year-old Thomas Carl Pierson stands accused of sexually assaulting women he stopped for traffic violations. [Courtesy: Facebook]


12:00 p.m. — Judge Ron Mullins is denying bond to a former Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy who allegedly forced women into sexual acts during traffic stops.

The Harris County District Attorney’s office says the state argued that 38-year-old Thomas Carl Pierson was a law enforcement officer at the time of his alleged crimes and his court process should be handled quickly.

Prosecutors also say that since two more victims have some forward to accuse Pierson of sexual misconduct, he may be a danger to the community.


HAMILTON, Ga — A former Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy facing multiple sexual misconduct related charges appears for the first time in court Wednesday.

GBI investigators say 38-year-old Thomas Carl Pierson is standing trial for an incident that happened on Valentine’s Day with a woman Pierson allegedly stopped for a traffic violation.

The woman says Pierson stopped her once and she left the scene before he stopped her a second time, forced her to walk down a dirt road and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Investigators say the woman then drove to another sheriff’s department to report Pierson.

Pierson’s court appearance is scheduled for 9:30 a.m.

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