Bicyclists honor those hit by cars

COLUMBUS, Ga. – This week is National Bicycle Week and Ride on Bikes hosted its seventh Ride of Silence Wednesday night.  The Ride of Silence honors bicyclists who were hit by cars.

Sean Rey was riding his bike on Summerville Road in Phenix City when he was hit by two cars just over a year ago.  He later died from his injuries.

Wednesday night, bikers remembered Sean along with other bicyclists hit by cars in a Ride of Silence.

“You don’t know what you have until you lose it.  My son was a Godsend,” said Sean’s dad, Skip Rey.

He still feels the pain of losing his son just over a year ago.

“Me being retired, Sean was home all the time with me when he wasn’t working right here at the Chevron and he was actually my best friend so, I’ve lost a large chunk of my life,” Rey said.

Rey says he misses Sean’s smile and humor the most.

“He is a friend to everyone and what’s written on his grave is ‘friendship is magic’ and that was my son,” Rey said.

Ride on Bikes owner Jason McKenzie encourages bicyclists to come out to events like the Ride of Silence so they understand the bike laws while raising awareness for bicycle safety.

“The more participation we can get in these events then, the more we have fuel to go get more bike lanes or bike signs,” McKenzie said.

Rey hopes Phenix City will have more bike lanes to avoid another tragic loss.



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