Attorney, family and friends of Mr. D’s Lodge triple shooting seek answers

Bishop A.L. Dowdell and others who seek reform in the Auburn Police Department

AUBURN, Ala.- At the home of former Auburn city councilman A.L. Dowdell, numerous people came together on Monday to seek answers in the triple shooting at Mr. D’s Lodge in April, the Melissa Boarts case from early April and other cases.

On April 23, Auburn Police responded to a call of shots being fired at Mr. D’s Lodge. According to police reports, 43 year old Recco Cobb; 32 year old Roderick L. Nelms and 25 year old Jadarrion L. Spinks were found with fatal gunshot wounds.

Cobb’s mother, Elois Cobb, Recco’s mother was in attendance Monday. She says Recco was her only son and that she does not wish the pain of her loss on anyone. Cobb says prior to the incident, Recco was at her home and then went to her sister’s home. She says he was extremely happy.

She says she was told that Spinks and another person got into an argument at the club. She says Recco told Spinks that it was not the time to do that and they were there to have fun. She says she learned that a fight broke out and Spinks was asked to leave. After Spinks was asked to leave, she says Recco went out to his truck and it was surrounded by Spinks and others. Cobb’s mother says that a woman came out trying to get Recco’s attention and he told her to get inside for her safety. Cobb says Recco was shot soon after.

Bishop A.L. Dowdell and others who seek reform in the Auburn Police Department
Bishop A.L. Dowdell and others who seek reform in the Auburn Police Department

Cobb’s mother says Recco was put into a truck to try so he could be driven to the hospital for his injuries. She says that a few other vehicles were allowed to leave and the vehicle with Recco in it was not allowed to leave. Cobb says she was told, “the police had told them they was going to shoot in the truck. I feel like my baby could have been saved. Maybe he could have been saved.” Cobb’s mother says the police had harassed her son for years.

43 year old Recco Cobb

The family’s attorney, Eric Hutchins says they are in the early process of trying to get answers in this case. He says it is tragic that what took place was not able to be resolved peacefully. He adds that the case is not being handled properly and that another agency should handle the case. Hutchins adds that this case transcends race. He says they have a crisis on their hands and they want to address it before it becomes a pandemic. Hutchins adds that this is a pattern of hate towards the Cobb family. “I just think that something very peculiar is going on given the fact that the person they’ve arrested so far is Recco Cobb’s first cousin (Tarabien Cobb, who Hutchins says was on good terms with Recco). That’s highly unusual. I’ve never heard of anything like that before.”

Cobb’s cousin and former Auburn Councilman, Bishop A.L. Dowdell says they want to stop the corruption in the Auburn Police Department. Dowdell adds that Cobb had filed a lawsuit against the police department. “They knew this and when they saw it was Recco, it seems to me that it was a joy to bring him back and allow him to die,” Dowdell said.

News 3 reached out to Auburn Police Chief, Paul Register about the incident. He says that when officers arrived, they exited their vehicles to the sound of gunfire and were able to do their jobs in securing the scene and preventing further injuries. Chief Register says that later that day, Tarabien Cobb was arrested on warrants for capital murder and that he commends the department for their exceptional job in closing the case.

Cobb has a preliminary hearing set for June 1.

Dowdell says they have been working with the justice department for the past seven months to try and have them come down to Auburn to do a full investigation of the city.

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