RAIN: Limited until the end of the week

High pressure over the Bahamas, which is evident on satellite imagery correlates with the our dominant weather feature. The strong Central Plains storm system combined with our high pressure will also keep us in the warm sector across the south but at the same time the stability in the atmosphere makes it difficult to sustain any organized storms, etc.

Occasionally we will see a few weak impulses riding across our atmosphere bringing with it a sporadic light shower or storm. This will change when the Plains’ storm with a trailing cold front will move across the region late Thursday through Friday.

OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy and mild.  Low: 63

TUESDAY:  Partly sunny, slight chance of a shower.  High: 82

WEDNESDAY:  Partly sunny, slight chance of a shower.  Low: 64  High: 87

THURSDAY: Partly sunny, scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Low: 66  High: 85

FRIDAY: Partly cloudy, chance of showers.  Low: 66  High: 83

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny.  Low: 60  High: 85

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny.  Low: 61  High: 86

MONDAY: Mostly sunny early, with clouds increasing late.  Low: 63  High: 86


First Alert Forecast

Tue Tue1 Tue2 Tue3 tue4

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