Columbus State CALL program students publish first book

Columbus, GA – Local retirees are showing they still have some creative spark. Elderly students in the Columbus State CALL Program say they have used their resources to published a book.

The CALL program at CSU stands for Columbus Academy of Lifelong Learning. The program gives retirees the chance to write creatively and practice their literary skills.

CALL has been around for a decade, but none of the participants have ever been ambitious enough to actually publish a book. However, last year the writing class decided to publish a collection of their works now titled Random Thoughts.

The students say it suddenly gives their work even more meaning.

“It’s something we created, we worked on over the last couple of years, pick up and say yeah this is what we have done and we feel pleased,” says Rob St. Clair who helped organize and publish the book.

The CALL is typically a place where retirees come together to keep their brain’s sharp. Their work isn’t graded or critiqued. It’s a “no pressure” atmosphere where encouragement flows as freely as the laughter.

If interested in buying Random Thoughts CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE or more information on CALL and how to participate  or call: 706-507-8070.

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