Coach Pollard’s friends react to arrest

COLUMBUS Ga. – People close to Carver Baseball Coach David Pollard are reacting to Monday’s arrest of a suspect in connection with the car crash that took place.

William Cross has been identified by Columbus Police as the driver of the stolen Audi that caused the three car accident on April 18th.

News 3 spoke with family, friends and the carver high school baseball team to get their reaction to the arrest.

Carver High School’s Assistant Baseball Coach says all he wants is justice for Coach Pollard’s family.

“Relief for the most part, when something like that happens whether it be a car accident or just any kind of accident like that and the suspect is still on the loose. Either you turn yourself in or police find him and arrest him just for closure of Coach Pollard’s family,” said Hicks.

Calvin Arnold, one of Pollard’s best friends, says he feels a sense of relief knowing that an arrest has been made.

“I felt relieved you know everybody felt relieved as far as the family would feel, knowing that they can rest now. Knowing that they arrested the guy,” said Arnold.

Marcel Hughley, one of the administrators of the Pollard Memorial Fund says he still doesn’t feel enough closure.

“Because you can’t bring David back, there’s still going to be a sense of loss there.  I was relieved just to know that the young man was found and I hope that he’s prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” said Hughley.

Carver High School Baseball Player Desmond Whitlock thinks it’s ironic that coach pollard died after being struck by a car driven by a former carver high school student.

“Yes, because people at Carver said that he went there and that they had classes with him. Coach Pollard, he could have talked to him like he talked to us now and helped us out with a lot of stuff,” said Whitlock.

The suspect William Cross is facing several felonies and he will appear in recorders court on Thursday at 9 a.m.

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