Another Sumbry runs for Phenix City Council

Sabrina Sumbry has a rich legacy in Phenix City. She announced Tuesday that she was running for an at-large seat on city council.

PHENIX CITY, Ala. – The daughter of former Phenix City councilman Arthur Sumbry, Sr. is running for city council this elections cycle. Tuesday, Sabrina Sumbry announced her candidacy for an at-large position on council following the regular city council meeting.

Sumbry says she officially qualified to run April 21. Her family is well-known across Russell County. Her father served on council and ran a funeral home and florist shop. Her brother, Arthur Sumbry, Jr. is the Russell County coroner. Sabrina is a Central High School alum, won Miss Central in 1982, and ran for the District 3 city council seat in 1989. She came in second in the voting. Sumbry also worked on the Phenix City planning commission.

“I’m a longtime citizen here,” Sumbry said. “I’ve been politically involved years ago. I have a determination to serve the public right now.”

Sumbry says Phenix City is doing well, but there’s “much to be done.”

News 3 asked Mayor Eddie Lowe about Sumbry’s announcement. He advised that she and any other candidate running for office should stay focused and be prepared to work as a team player.

The at-large council seat is currently held by Johnny Barfield. Barfield replaced Chris Blackshear after the former council member won an Alabama House seat back in March.



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