Dog rescued from house fire

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A Columbus family is working to piece their life back together after their home caught fire Thursday morning.  Columbus Fire officials say an adult and two teenagers escaped the home safely before fire crews arrived.

The family anxiously waited as they hoped their six-year-old dog would also make it out safely.

Their prayers were answered about an hour later when they saw their dog being carried from the home.

Fire officials say the dog was trapped by a piece of sheet rock, but there was enough clean air for her to survive.

finally to find it and he was ok. It was very emotional scene for everybody. The family was ecstatic they got their family member back. The firemen are ecstatic everything turned out like it did,” said Chief Battalion Terry Herring.

Carmela Saunders, who was home at the time of the fire, says she is so happy to have their dog back.

“We’re just glad to have everybody back here, living.  I was, she is everything to the family.  I was glad I was so happy,” Saunders said.

The dog was given oxygen when they first got her out, but she’s doing fine now.

The fire broke out shortly after 7 a.m. Thursday morning on North Ridge Drive.  The home has extensive smoke, fire and water damage.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation.



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