Auburn University and Alabama Community College System enter into aviation partnership

(L to R) Auburn University President Jay Gogue and Alabama Community College Chancellor Mark Heinrich signing the agreement

AUBURN, Ala.- After pen met paper, Auburn University and the Alabama Community College System are now partners when it comes to aviation.

They signed an agreement on Thursday, which will lead to enhanced aviation and aerospace engineering training.

Those at the signing said there are more than 400 aviation and aerospace businesses in the state, and this partnership is the first step in helping to meet the increased demand for jobs in the field.

In addition to helping out the students, those behind the partnership say it will benefit the economy in the state. “It sends a message to these companies and the industries that are absolutely essential,” Alabama Community College System Chancellor Mark Heinrich said. “There’s almost not a day that I don’t get up where I’m getting calls from businesses and industry asking for workers in a certain industry and aviation and aerospace is one of those industries.”

Those a part of the partnership say it is a very natural partnership that will build on the state’s rich history in aviation and aerospace engineering. Auburn University President Jay Gogue says the university does enter into partnerships they do not have trust in. President Gogue says there is a great deal of trust in this relationship.


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