The Valley remembers Prince’s contribution to music


COLUMBUS Ga.– The Valley community is remembering a pop icon after his sudden death. Prince, the iconic music legend, has passed away at the age of 57.

He will forever be remembered as a trendsetter. In the early 80’s his sound was in a lane of its own with a mixture of pop, r&b, funk, rock, disco and new wave sound.

His tragic death caught the world off guard. Phenix City resident Ken Davis Jr. attended Prince’s concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta last Thursday.

“He moved around like a 25 or 30 year old. He was fantastic in concert it was just him and a piano.  He has a tremendous voice that sounded like an entire orchestra, but it was just one guy up there,” said Davis.

Brian Waters, the Program Director at 103.7 Lite FM, says his music attracted people of all ages.

“Prince is probably one of our most requested artists because Prince reaches everybody and I mean there’s not a man, woman or child on the planet who doesn’t know who Prince is, who hasn’t been exposed to Prince’s music,” said Waters.

Charlie Bynam Jr. the CEO of the D.SOS band, says that he picked up the funk style of playing bass from Prince and The Time back in the 80’s.

“They had a sound that I never heard before, so it was like muddy and growdy at the same time, but when I first heard it I couldn’t understand the sound. But as time went on and I got it from Prince and Terry Lewis,” said Bynam.

Glen Giles the owner of Gorilla Guitars, says Prince was beyond talented.

“He’s probably going to be known as the Mozart of our time and I feel that that he had more talent in his little finger. It’s not that he’s just an amazing guitar player, bass player, drummer, keyboard player, saxophone and he writes the songs too,” said Giles.

Charlie Bynum Jr. from the D.SOS band is planning a Prince tribute concert sometime around the first of June.

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