Brookstone students create art alongside Columbus homeless community

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Brookstone Elementary students are stepping out of the traditional art class to express themselves in the community.

They joined folks from the Columbus homeless community to create pieces of art that reflect the theme of hope.

Bobby Surrency says it’s amazing to see young kids interested in this program. He’s taking this chance to bridge the distance between him and his 7-year-old daughter. “It’s really amazing. It kind of gives me inspiration to try and strive as far as trying to be a person that can really reach out to my daughter, and reach her on her level,” Surrency said.

It’s part of an initiative made possible through the help of local artist Bo Bartlett. He says it’s a unique opportunity for people to simply express themselves. “It’s liberating. I’ve seen people just come to life. And it does give great hope,” Bartlett told News 3.

And the volunteers are loving the chance to share with people in the community. “It feels great. You get to help them. They get to help you. You get to do different things with them,” says Brookstone Elementary student Madison Price.

“I’m sitting around some kids that they’ll just reach out to you because of the love in their heart. They’re not looking at age. They’re not looking at color. They’re just reaching out and enjoying themselves and expressing themselves to the fullest,” says Surrency.





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