Students prepare for the futures through THINC Academy

LAGRANGE, Ga.- High school students are learning Health and Sports Medicine, studying Mechatronics and running their own coffee shop.

These are just a few of the studies offered through the THINC Academy in LaGrange– an institution that provides building blocks for their careers.

“It’s like a getaway. You don’t constantly have someone towering over you. You’re responsible for what you’re doing,” says student Denver McLaughlin. He is one of more than 300 students who travel from their base high schools every day.

And according to their English Instructor Lauralee Pike, it’s a great opportunity for all involved. “We don’t have just the upper-crust AP kids, we have all different kinds of kids, all different levels of learning,” she says.

The level of learning doesn’t stop at high school. With West Georgia Technical College attached to THINC Academy, students are encouraged to take college classes at the same time.

CEO Kathy Carlisle says the academy is all made possible through the community’s support. “They appreciate that support, they see that support and they’re honored by it. I think that’s why they have higher expectations, even for themselves, because they see hope,” Carlisle says.

It’s hope that’s taking them through high school, college and beyond.




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