Second Meriwether County Jail inmate caught, arrested at Greenville apartment

Meriwether County officials confirm they captured 34-year-old escaped inmate Eugene Mitchell Sunday evening at a Greenville apartment complex.
Meriwether County officials confirm they captured 34-year-old escaped inmate Eugene Mitchell Sunday evening at a Greenville apartment complex.

GREENVILLE, Ga. – Meriwether County officials have confirmed to News 3 that a previously missing jail escapee is now back in custody.

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith says Eugene Mitchell was captured just before 5 p.m. Sunday. The U.S. Marshal’s Office, along with local law enforcement, found the escaped inmate at an apartment complex on Freeman Street in Greenville. The sheriff confirmed that Mitchell, who had been missing since Tuesday, April 12, is currently in custody. Officials were able to track Mitchell, 34, through information that he was driving a white, older model Dodge Caravan. They later found out Freeman was staying at the Freeman St. apartment. Crews credit what they’re calling “covert surveillance” with finding Mitchell.

When officials entered the apartment where Mitchell was staying, they found the escaped inmate hiding in a back bedroom. Mitchell willingly went with authorities back to the Meriwether County Jail. However, he is being held at another jail without bond while the investigation continues into his escape.

Two women were also arrested at the apartment complex, and they could face charges related to housing a fugitive  One of the women, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells News 3 Mitchell came by the apartment Saturday asking for food.

“He had came back this evening and wanted something else to eat and gave it.  And by that time the house was surrounded and just a lot of swat cars,” she said.

The escaped inmate’s family tells News 3 that they’re glad Mitchell is back in custody for his safety.

“I had to get my son off the street because there’s no way I could live with my son laying in the woods dead,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, Mitchell’s mother.

In addition to other charges, Mitchell now faces escape and interference with government property charges. Mitchell was previously jailed on Child Molestation, Aggravated Child Molestation, Incest, Aggravated Sexual Battery, Statutory Rape and Burglary charges. Additional charges are pending, officials tell News 3. 29-year-old Travion Hall also escaped with Mitchell Tuesday night; however, the sheriff’s office caught and arrested Hall at the Garden Inn & Suites Wednesday.

The Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Marshal’s Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, the Georgia Department of Community Supervision, and the Spaulding County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit were all involved in Mitchell’s capture.



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