Residents in the Valley concerned about trash pileup

COLUMBUS Ga.-Trash and stench are the two biggest complaints resonating with people who frequent uptown and the Columbus Riverwalk. Folks say not only does it make the city look trashy, but it also can lead to foul odors. Phenix City resident, Mike Phaneuf says he’s sometimes afraid to bring his kids to Uptown Columbus.

“A lot of times with the gazebos in the areas downtown you’ll see boxes and trash and it smells like pee and it’s kind of nasty especially if you’re bringing your kids down in those areas and you’re wondering if people are just camping out there,” said Phaneuf.

News 3 spoke with Patricia Biegler the Director of Public Works and she said that she was unaware of the problem because no one has called to report it.

Although Biegler says the city is on top of their job, she says sometimes they may fall behind a day in trash pick-up due to the old garbage trucks they use.

“We’re still picking up all of our routes, some times a day late, but we’re still picking up all of our routes and we’re still picking up all the garbage. We’re picking up trash, we’re picking up recycling, and we’re picking up yard waste,” said Biegler.

Public Works is requesting new garbage trucks so that in the event that their older trucks break down, they won’t be behind on trash pick-up.

Public works also said they’re not responsible for litter they only pick up bagged trash and recycling bags and for a fee they will pick up your yard waste.

Meanwhile, Mike Phaneuf says on May 7th he’s coordinating a community trash pick-up in Uptown Columbus and on the Phenix City Riverwalk.

Public Works says if you dial 311 from a cell phone it may not work. If you see any litter call City Services at (706) 225-3000.


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