New Alabama Lifesaver helicopter to make it safer getting to and from a scene

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Ala.- Base 3 of Lifesaver Alabama has a new helicopter in their fleet.

This new helicopter will make it safer for the crew to get to a scene.

The new unit offers a GPS integrated autopilot, a glass cockpit, capabilities for night vision, a virtual picture of outside and much more. The new helicopter has almost a dozen flights under its belt.


The crew says even though the helicopter changed, their preparation before receiving a call will not change. Jim Isbell, a flight paramedic says they are purposeful in the way they move when they get a call.”If we make a mental lapse, not to over exaggerate, it can be a fatal mistake,” Isbell said. “If you lose your attentiveness and you strike an object or something like that, it can cause catastrophic failure to the aircraft and endanger everyone that’s on board.”

Thomas Shaffer, a pilot says the crew tries to be in the air within 5 to 10 minutes of receiving a call. He adds there is no time to think about the possibility of not coming back from a call. “You need to think more about the job at hand,” Shaffer said. “We need to get from point A to point B safely.”

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