Senator McKoon addresses CSU, NIM funds lost

COLUMBUS, Ga — Columbus State University and the National Infantry Museum has lost funding in the most recent state budget. CSU had two projects in place on the budget, one was for the equipment and furnishings that would go in the lab sciences building and the other project was the renovation of the memorial library. CSU’s john Lester says they needed a couple of million dollars for lab improvements.

“The other project that was in the budget was about 6 million dollars to renovate the library. We were going to give it a face lift if you will. Centralize a lot of our tutoring operations and create what we’re calling a learning commons,” said Lester.

Although the library won’t be receiving any funds this fiscal year, Senator Josh McKoon says the priority was finishing the lab science building.

“The renovation of Lenor hall is underway they’ve done the planning and engineering and in June , 10 million dollars will be made available for the construction to begin, so the reason that funding didn’t pass this year is because it wouldn’t be spent in the next fiscal year anyway,” said McKoon.

Another budget item that wasn’t approved was for 2 million dollars toward the construction of the Global War on Terror Memorial at the National Infantry Museum.

Col Greg Camp, the President and Coo of the Infantry Museum says he’s still determined to raise money for the memorial. Senator Josh Mckoon says he was never aware that the National Infantry Museum needed funding because it’s not in his district.

Recently Senator McKoon has been accused of being the reason for the loss of local funding because of his support for the Religious Freedom Bill. On Tuesday he said he doesn’t believe that Governor Deal “weaponized” the budget process in a way to settle any petty political agendas.

Also, Mckoon referenced SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff when he said, “These modest protections of religious freedom are in some way bigoted.”

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