GOP delegates may not vote Trump, GA District Convention Saturday

COLUMBUS, Ga. — If you voted for Donald Trump in the March 1st Presidential Preference Primary – even though he won the popular vote – he may not be the Georgia Delegate’s choice for GOP Presidential nominee.

Local Republican delegates are getting ready to hold their district convention this weekend.

And according local representatives – it could get a little heated.

Trump won every county in the Chattahoochee Valley but there’s a good chance he may not be the party’s nominee.

He’s been outspoken about it – but according to local party reps – this is a process that’s been going on for a long time and trump should have been better informed.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump said, “Our Republican system is absolutely rigged.”

Trump says his own party is plotting against him and is accusing GOP leaders of playing with nomination rules to steal delegates.

This weekend Georgia Republicans will hold their district convention.

They’ll vote to send three delegates – and three alternates – a total of six people – to the Republican National Convention in Ohio.

3rd District GOP Chair Dale Jackson says, “there are certain rules that guide them in how they’re supposed to vote.”

The rules state that those three delegates representing the district – must have two vote for Trump and one vote for Cruz – the second place finisher.

If no one at the National Convention gets the required number of votes, of more than 1200, to achieve the nomination – there will be a second vote.

“On that second ballot, they can vote for whoever they want to. Paul Ryan, John Boehner, they could vote for Rand Paul or they could vote for anybody.”

Jackson says some states don’t tell their delegates to vote for anyone in particular at all.

But this election process is a part of representative government – it’s how the political process has worked in the america for decades.

“We have a process that anyone can be a part of at the precinct level, at the county level, at the Congressional District level, and at the state level. All you have to do is show up.”

Saturday – there will be the District GOP Convention in each of the 14 districts across Georgia – the same districts each Congressman represents.

42 delegates will be voted on Saturday – 6 from each district.

34 more delegates will voted on at the State Convention on June 2nd.


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