Georgia Power in top 10 for solar providers

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Georgia Power has been named to the top 10 list of solar providers in the country.  Georgia Power won this national recognition based off the amount of solar panels they installed last year.

Georgia Power added 218 projects to their power system in 2015.  That is enough power for more than 75,000 homes.

There is a huge solar installation outside of Butler that puts power directly into the grid.  The solar panels are about 45 minutes away from Columbus.

“It’s putting power on the grid and it will generally be used by somewhere that’s close and Columbus is close enough to use it, but once it goes on the grid, it goes anywhere,” Robert Watkins with Georgia Power said.

Watkins says solar energy will help keep rates down because Georgia Power won’t have to build other ways to generate energy in order to meet peak demand.

Georgia Power has been able to install all of these solar projects for $2 billion, but without increasing rates for customers.

By the end of 2016, there will be almost 900 megawatts of solar power in Georgia.


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