Solicitor’s Office Connects Violence to the Brain

COLUMBUS, Ga. – It’s National Crime Victim’s Rights week.

Local victims advocates are hoping to educate the public on ways to help prevent the violence.

It’s called neuroplasticity and the Muscogee County Asst. Solicitor Michelle Huiet believes this may be a real solution to prevent violence in the future.

She says brain injuries may be related to violence.

For example – if there is an offender that has an issue of stalking or excessive phone calls – that person may have a problem with his or her cingulate area of the brain.

The exciting part is that neuroplasticity will allow the brain to create new circuitry.

Muscogee County Assistant Solicitor Michelle Huiet says, “There are a few parts of the brain which can have an impact on violence. If we do a brain scan we can determine which of those areas might be affected.”

And when they determine which areas might be affected – that’s when they will use that neuroplasticity to correct the issue.

to have this type of technology would take a lot of funding but the muscogee county courts don’t have that kind of money yet….

It does exist and it does show some promise.

Other examples include if someone has an issue thinking clearly or logically and have issues with impulse – there could be problems with the prefontal cortex.


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