Lions trying to find ways to stay on top

The Columbus Lions are in a new league this year. And that is not proving to be a problem at all. With the first game ending in an 86-0 shut out. They looked just as good on the road too.

Holding the last two teams to single digits as well. Total domination is a word that should be used when referring to this team. Coach Jason Gibson says this team is continuing to get better each week, fixing a lot of errors they’ve had since the beginning of the season. And he sees a lot for this team this year…

Just was them to keep winning. To be dominant. I would want people to say wow that’s the most dominant team I’ve ever seen; regardless of who you play. People know good talent when you see good players. What’s scary is that we could possibly have a better team than we were last year going forward and it’s kind of scary,” Gibson says.

Much of the success is due to their high scoring. But starting quarterback Casey Kacz says the offense still has improving to do to keep up with the defense.

“It’s easy for us to stay hungry right now. at least for me, because offensively i feel like we haven’t hit our stride yet to the best of our ability. We’re scoring a lot of points. but offensively we feel like we haven’t clicked at 100% yet. We feel like we’re about 85-90%. we’re doing well, but we’re not playing to the best of our ability yet,” Kacz says.

The defense however is showing up and taking names. Joe Marshall, a Defensive Lineman for the team is one of those leaders taking charge. He was named the Midas Player of the game against the Atlanta Vultures…

“Up front we’re playing pretty solid. and we’ve got a good group of guys that’s just running around. We’re just running around fast and just hitting people So, it’s a good defense. It’s one of the best defenses I’ve played on,” Marshall says.

The Lions will be playing at home against Myrtle Beach this Saturday at 7pm. The Freedom are currently 2-1. Our Lions are still undefeated at 3-0.



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