City Auditor Proposes $20 Trash Fee

COLUMBUS, Ga. – An auditor for the City of Columbus finds – residents should be paying $20 a month for their trash fee.

Folks living in Columbus currently pay $15/a month.

Internal Auditor John Redmond says, “We’re doing all the things we need to be and I want to thank Ms. Biegler and her staff. They’re doing a very professional job at doing their activities.”

Public Works Director Pat Biegler says, “It clearly almost matches what I recommended.” >

At the request of the city council – Internal Auditor John Redmond and his staff combed through the integrated waste budget.

They found most of the waste collection fleet – 44 garbage trucks, six recycling trucks and seven grab all trucks need to be replaced.

Costs have risen from $500,000 – $2 million since 2007 just in maintenance costs.

Redmond recommends the trash fee increase from $15 to $20 dollars a month to offset the costs.

Biegler says, “Now it’s looking positive that we’re going to get some relief and that’s great for the drivers and for the citizens because our service will be much more reliable.”

The audit also finds the integrated waste fund has operated at a loss for more than five years.

And the Pine Grove and Granite Bluff Landfills need more attention – and more money.

The $20 fee would help with that as well.

But when we asked Mayor Teresa Tomlinson if she would take the auditor’s advice and include a $20 fee for trash – she said no.

“I will include some sort of proposal in my budget it will most probably not be that particular proposal. “so you won’t do $20?’ No I will not do 20. I can assure you that.”

Biegler says if any fee increase is passed – it will take six-to-eight months to get the new trucks and 2018 to see a real financial impact.


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