Auburn still working to bring Uber back

AUBURN, Ala.- City officials say they are working with cities like Tuscaloosa and others cities that have Uber to see what they can do to try and bring it back.

uber1City Manager Charlie Duggan says city council passed an ordinance a few months ago to cover all ride for hire vehicles.

The city wanted to make sure that background checks for drivers were the same across the board for these drivers. He said taxi cab drivers have to go through background checks through the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. City Manager Duggan added they wanted to make sure the insurance requirements for drivers were adequate in the event of an accident. He added that the city has been in contact with Uber regarding the city’s policies to hear their thoughts, but they have not received a response, but adds they would welcome them back.

“We want people to have accuberess to that transportation and we favor competition in the market,” City Manager Duggan said. “We’re not trying to protect taxi cab companies, but also if they have to live under some regulations, it’s only fair that everyone across the board in that industry have the same regulations.”

City Councilor Beth Witten says the taxi cabs in Auburn provide a good base, but there is room for alternatives. She added it would provide competition in the area as well as provide another safe alternative.

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