Aerobatics team to perform at air show

COLUMBUS, Ga. – If you plan on heading out to the Thunder in the Valley Airshow this weekend, you’re in for a treat.

You’ll get to see the Walkabout Tigers Aerobatic Team and Circus Maximus. The aerobatic team flies identical Tiger yak 55-S with an aerial demonstration of precision and skill. They’ll do their salute to veterans act. Then they’ll do more aerobatics tricks while flying through smoke rings. News 3 caught up with the pilots to find out how they plan on pushing their limits.

“We do over eleven near collision passes that are definitely allusion. A lot of our maneuvers create a lot of allusion of excitement of maneuvers that aircraft are not suppose to be doing and it is exactly that it is a lot of excitement with it.” Said Mark Sorenson and Mark Nowosielski of the Twin Tiger Aerobatic Team.

Another element of their show is their competition to fly through the most smoke rings. The winner gets to race down the runway against a vehicle that goes 250 mph, always a crowd-pleaser.

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