A pillow with more than a therapeutic promise

BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — Botox injections diminish facial lines, but LaFrance Medical Aesthetics is taking it one step further.

There’s no anxiety for patients like Kimberly Kent.

Kimberly said, “Normally when you get a procedure, I tend to get really nervous and tense. This really relaxes you.”

She’s talking about the enVy pillow. It’s an engineered ergonomic pillow — supporting the neck and the natural curve of her spine.

“Neck pain is also and headache are a huge issue -which cause healthcare lots and lots of money,” says Kim Renton.

Renton is one of two registered nurses who came up with it. Her co-creator Kathy Young has scoliosis.

“I do have issues,” says Young, “because I have a rod in my back, so my neck is a different kind of neck and it needs to be supported all the time. This pillow has been a lifesaver for me.”

A sleep lab they say reports another benefit — deep restorative sleep.

“They were reporting,” Young said, “I think 80-88-85 percent of the clients were reporting a better sleep, waking up feeling better.”

The sloped sides of the memory foam is designed to tilt the head away while sleeping sideways.

Dr. Jeffrey La France explained, “Almost everyone has some degree of facial asymmetry and when you sleep on one side, you can exacerbate that even more.”

He says the V-shape pillow minimizes sleep wrinkles, and helps to maintain results patients like Kimberly are seeking.

Renton said, “If you are spending lots of money on aging regimes, anti-aging regimes, you don’t want to go home and then sleep on your face and create that tissue shift that creates lines over time.”

The pillow is cleared as a medical device in Canada and Europe, but not in the U.S.

It is available for consumers online.

For more information click here or call 860-845-8296.

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