North Carolina law may impact Georgia economy

NC Law Ec Impact

COLUMBUS, Ga. — North Carolina is seeing a significant economic impact following its controversial new law known as House Bill Two.

Over the weekend – the NBA announced it may pull its All-Star game in Charlotte, and Bruce Springsteen canceled a North Carolina concert to protest.

While we are seeing a negative economic impact in North Carolina – some experts say – Georgians may see an impact too.

“Something of this magnitude is going to be very difficult to localize.”

Branding and Marketing expert Bill Coleman works with municipalities with their image issues – we spoke to him via Skype.

He believes while Governor Deal may have vetoed the controversial Religious Liberties Bill – North Carolina’s recent legislation will still have a huge economic impact on the entire southeast – including Georgia.

“At the very end of the day – you may have a problem in the Southeast. There are many people and many sectors around the country that haven’t travelled to that part of the country and lump all the south together.”

Just over the weekend – the NBA threatened to pull its All-Star game next year because of North Carolina’s new law – and Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert in North Carolina to protest.

More than 100 corporations have signed a letter asking North Carolina’s Governor to repeal the law including Starbucks, Citibank, and Hilton.

Also – Mississippi’s Governor signed his state’s “religious freedom bill” into law – saying he did so to “protect sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions of” people in his state.

Colgay Pride Director Jeremy Hobbs says, “What’s going on in North Carolina is what could have taken place here in Georgia.”

Colgay Pride Director Jeremy Hobbs says he believes the legislators who initially supported the religious liberty bill are now taking a big sigh of relief after seeing the backlash in North Carolina.

Opponents of the bill gathered in atlanta last week for a rally to thank Governor Nathan Deal.

“We need to send the same message in North Carolina which is – it’s going to cost them a lot of money in the end.

North Carolina’s loss is not all bad for Georgia – in fact Ceasar Mitchell, President of the Atlanta City Council says they would be open to host the NBA All-Star game if the NBA decides not to have it in Charlotte.

An NBA spokesperson says he hopes the City of Charlotte and the State of North Carolina will work out any differences before the 2017 All-Star game.


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