“Moms on a Mission” group provides support for parents

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Mothers and other female caregivers are gathering at Downtown Elementary Magnet Academy every month to learn from one another and grow as parents.

Lisa Dodgen is the facilitator of “Moms on a Mission,” a group that provides support and motivation for mothers.

“Our mission is to meet each month and encourage each other and learn different things about child rearing,” she says.

It’s a mission with one main focus– the children. “The ultimate goal is to raise children that are healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” Dodgen told News 3.

In this month’s gathering, her husband, Juvenile Court Judge Andrew Dodgen shared how parents can help keep their kids from landing in the wrong situations. “We talk to them about the difference in why truth is so important, why their children need to understand the difference between right and wrong. They need to understand there’s consequences if they’re disobedient,” he says.

And Lisa says these lessons are trickling down from the moms into their households. “We have the children really pushing their moms to come because they’re really seeing the difference.”




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