Clock is ticking: Alabama lawmakers have 9 days in session to impeach Gov. Bentley

(WKRG) – It was business as usual for Governor Robert Bentley, trying to do his job and keep the state running.

“And we think we’re going to be able to recruit companies to come here simply because of this bill that was passed,” says Bentley.

Meanwhile, back home in Montgomery, legislators are trying to find a way to kick him out of office. The Articles of Impeachment were introduced Tuesday by Representative Ed Henry, and should have been sent to the Rules Committee, but they were later pulled because the Rules Committee doesn’t vet documents. Instead, a new investigative committee is being formed especially for the occasion.

“It’s shown us as a body that we weren’t prepared for this kind of incident,” says Henry.

The current legislative process isn’t equipped to handle an impeachment process, so finding their way will take time.

“I don’t have a sense of what the outcome will eventually be, we’re in the middle of the session and we’ll see,” says Senator Bill Hightower.

But they don’t have that much time left.

“We’ve never done this before, it’s never been done. So there has to be laws passed, rules changed in order to manage the whole process, so it’s a heavy lift,” says Hightower.

A whole new investigative committee has to be formed, then they have to vet the articles of impeachment, then it has to go to the House floor for a vote. All that in the nine days that remain in the legislative session. Many think it’s unlikely it will happen in that time, which would be just fine with Governor Bentley .

“We’re here to talk about jobs, we’re here to talk about people and that’s all I’m talking about, so I want to tell you that right now,” says Bentley.

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