A-Day weekend to bring in people and revenue to the Plains

AUBURN, Ala.- At 3 p.m. on Saturday, Auburn will hold their final spring practice before the Jordan-Hare Stadium crowd.

The Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau anticipates that with all the activities during A-Day weekend, the area could see up to 175,000 people come to town.

John Wild, the President of the AO Tourism Bureau says this is a great spring event during an already great month for the area.

He says this weekend will see a 125% increase in hotel revenue compared to a regular weekend in April and expects restaurants, retail shops and other businesses will see a boom during the weekend long festivities.”We could have something else, just another weekend of other activities that usually go on, but that would not have the same spending impact that 125% more than what is usual has,” Wild says. “So, we count on A Day. That is for sure.”

Trey Johnston, the owner of J&M Bookstore says this weekend is the precursor to Saturday’s in the fall. He added that his business sees a spike during A-Day weekend. “If you come into my store for instance, you’ll probably trip over a stroller so it’s not only for the old but for the new,” Johnston said. “Everybody brings their babies, rolls em out and brings em to their first football game. Sales triple, quadruple for that Saturday compared to other Saturdays. Of course it doesn’t compare to the fall Saturdays.”

downtown auburnCliff Hare, the owner of Auburn Art says his store sees revenue all weekend, adding the family aspect of the day is one of the best things.”The town starts to fill up and it’s kind of like everybody coming home, like the family coming home for a holiday,” Hare said. “It’s fun to see everybody come back to town and to be full of the Auburn spirit and just be ready to see the game and get going.”

Friday and Saturday night from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., the central portion of Downtown Auburn will allow people to walk with open containers of alcohol.

Auburn Police says people can leave establishments that sell alcohol with their drinks and be Downtown as well as carrying their own during the corresponding hours.

The areas that are established for the open containers are: the centerline of Glenn Avenue between Wright Street and Gay Street; centerline of Gay Street between Glenn Avenue and Thach Avenue; Northern right-of-way line of Thach Avenue between Gay Street and Thach Avenue; the northern right-of-way line of Thach Avenue between Gay Street and College Street; the western right-of-way line of Thach Avenue between Gay Street and College Street; the western right-of-way line of College Street between Thach Avenue and Magnolia Avenue; the southern right-of-way line of Magnolia Avenue between College Street and Wright Street; the centerline of Wright Street between Magnolia Avenue and Glenn Avenue.

Captain Scott Mingus of the Auburn Police Department says they want folks to have a good time, but to not abuse the privilege for others. “We will definitely only deal with problems that arise that are alcohol related other than any of our normal day to day business operations,” Captain Mingus said. “But, we ask if you are going to partake, be careful, think about what you’re doing and let others enjoy the atmosphere of coming to the corner.”

The city is asking people to not use glass. They ask beverages be placed in shatter proof containers.

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