Former councilman draws city pension from jail cell, Council moves to end Kennesaw pension plan

KENNESAW, Ga — The pension plan for Kennesaw City Council representatives will end in response to outrage that a former councilman and convicted child molester still collects his pension — from a jail cell.

Current Council member Jimmy Dickens says he will be happy to give up his pension if it means future criminals like Leonard Church will lose theirs too. Church plead guilty to child molestation last fall, but still draws $500 from his monthly pension while he sits in his jail cell.

Councilman Dickens says the City Council is a part-time job anyway and doesn’t understand why they should even have a pension fund. He says he fully supports the Council’s unanimous vote Monday night to get rid of the city’s pension plan for City Council representatives.

The Dickens says the decision will not affect Church’s pension since former Council members are “grandfathered” in, but hopefully in future the money that would have gone to pensions can be put towards Kennesaw parks, streets and neighborhoods.

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