News 3’s Top Trends: April 5

The trends for today, April 5 include the NCAA championship game, fans poking fun at Michael Jordan coming to the game, Hyundai India's car sounds remix and users getting creative telling their best weekend stories.

Villanova’s last second National Championship win is naturally all over the internet. Fans are Tweeting their glee at the sudden win.


However, the first storm on the Twitterverse came from users posting a flood of #CryingJordan memes. For those who don’t know, the face in the photos is Michael Jordan during his 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame speech. Since then, it has become popular to edit Jordan’s crying face over photos of losing players or teams in sports posts. Since Jordan was in the stands for last night’s historic game, it seems a great number of Twitter users just couldn’t resist…



The late night game show @midnight is on the air again on Comedy Central and is asking online users to describe their best weekend in only five words. The number two trending topic on Twitter today has over 757 thousand users sharing their best and weirdest weekend stories.



The next time your car starts making funny noises you might want to put down the wrench and pick up a microphone. Hyundai India has released a music video called Drive Mein Junoon where popular Indian music artists remix 118 car sounds from the Hyundai Elite i20. Twitter users are posting their reactions to the car’s sweet beats.

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