Friends, family of man who hit LaGrange police officer react

LAGRANGE, GA — Family of a Troup County man caught on camera punching a LaGrange police officer over the weekend say there is more to the story.

You may have seen this video on social media – the man who hit the officer is David Noles.

He’s actually the Godfather of the little boy he is holding in his arms.

This happened Saturday afternoon at Niles Street Park on Revis Street.

Police say the officer responded to a call that a male was exposing himself to children at the park.

According to the mother – she says her son was potty training and didn’t have a diaper on.

She says Noles made good on a promise to take care of the son when the baby’s father died.

She doesn’t condone the violence – but says Noles is legally blind and has a learning disabililty.

And believes he was trying to defend the child.

Anjenecia McGhee, the baby’s Mother, says, “They were cussing him out saying things to him so when the police got there — he felt as though the police was on their side. He was hurt because he wouldn’t do anything to hurt (my child) who’s name is Boss.”

The family also says they are very upset they heard someone yelling obscenities at Noles.


LaGrange Police Shift Commander Mike Pheil says, “It’s extremely rare for someone to openly and so violently confronts police officers. For the most part people recognize that we arrive on scene in response to calls for service to provide some sort of calm.”

Noles has been charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of a law enforcement officer — a felony charge.

Hitting an officer is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

We are told the officer involved in the incident is okay.

LaGrange Police want to hear from you if you were on the scene of this incident. Call the department at (706) 883-2603 if you have any information.


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